Reasons to play Minecraft after The end

4th Dec, 2022

Reasons to play Minecraft after The end

Minecraft's game ends when a player defeats Ender dragon, but the next chapter is just as fascinating. Many new players don't know that Minecraft, an endless open-world game, has an end. There is an End realm in the game where players can finish it.

The End realm is home to a terrifying boss mob known as the Ender Dragon. To end the terror of the End realm, players must defeat the beast using various tactics. The following are some of the most fascinating topics that thousands of gamers and enthusiasts have discussed after defeating the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon dies, and tons of XP points are scattered on the ground. There are some amazing things that happen after the Dragon has died.

End portal to the Overworld

Once the beast has been killed, an End portal will be generated in the bedrock fountain in the middle the main island. Once you have entered this portal, the game will end and players will be respawned to the Overworld.

End portal to other End Islands

Players who stay in the End for a while will notice a floating portal made of bedrock near the island's edge. This portal allows players to travel to other End islands or find End cities. Players can only obtain an Elytra from End Cities after they have killed Ender Dragons.

Dragon Egg

The unique Dragon Egg is spawned on top of the bedrock fountain at the main island after the Ender Dragon has been killed. This egg cannot be mined so it can be difficult to obtain. To turn the egg into an item, players will need to push it with a piston.

End credits and poem for Minecraft

Players will be amazed at the mysterious events that take place after they enter the End portal. End credits show a mysterious poem that is a conversation between two entities about players.

They discuss how the player has benefited from new intelligence and skills, as well as philosophical discussions about the player's lives in the real world and in the game.

Many theories and speculations have been made about the meaning of the conversation and the poem. However, it is not clear what the poem actually means.