Minecraft X-Ray texture packs

13th Dec, 2022

Minecraft X-Ray texture packs

No matter how established an adventurer may be, Minecraft makes it a constant to seek out ores. Some people find the pursuit of ore a tedious task after the first dozen hours.

Many people are struggling to find the riches, but Minecraft ore density guides can make it easier. The modern Minecrafter still has another trick in their arsenal. Adventurers can make all blocks, except those containing ores, transparent, which allows miners to pinpoint the exact location of every ore vein.

This is cheating on many public Minecraft servers. Java server administrators can't usually see which texture packs are being used by users. However, administrators have tools that can help them. Administrators can see how quickly certain ores are building up for players. If you're hopping onto a server older than a year and netting hundreds upon an hour, expect a prompt ban.

Here are the top X-ray textures for Java and Minecraft on Windows.

Xray Ultimate

Xray Ultimate is almost a decade old, uploaded to CurseForge late December 2014. This texture pack is the best for Java. Its longevity means that it can be updated from 1.8 to 1.18 at most snapshots. The texture pack can be used as-in. Optifine will enhance the illumination of ores further away.

This version is the best, surpassing all other Minecraft versions in ease-of-use, quality of texture packs, and installation. Although there are many Bedrock options (which are currently being called 'Minecraft for Windows') they aren't as user-friendly.

Also, dragons are here.

Bedrock (Minecraft to Windows)

There are a few options available for Minecraft Bedrock. These can be purchased in the Minecraft Marketplace or for free. Players are looking at roughly the same problems with all X-ray textures.

Players can't change textures in maps. Instead, players must save and quit, then change the texture to an appropriate X-ray pack and restart the server. Save and quit after locating ore locations. Then, delete the texture pack and restart the game. Although it's complicated, it works. The texture pack will require players to go underground. It's not easy to see what is where, as the ore clumps can be so dark it can be hard to tell which one is which due to a lack Optifine support.

One version, formerly known under the name Bedrock, came out ahead of the others. ABEL-XRAY, a reliable and free texture pack that works well with most premium Xray texture packs available on the Minecraft Marketplace, is more reliable than many of the other premium texture packs. ABEL-XRAY is written in English, although it is spelled in a Latin-American dialect.


The screenshots show that Minecraft for Windows Xray texture packs work differently to the Java version. Null blocks can cause disaster for anyone trying to use the Xray texture pack. It's an excellent tool for assisting you in dark mines when the fickle diamonds aren't showing up.