How to get helium in Minecraft education ?

19th Dec, 2022

How to get helium in Minecraft education ?

Minecraft Education Edition offers players a wide range of opportunities. This game is a hit with students and teachers because of its educational features. Players love the Chemistry section, which allows them to create compounds and other chemistry-related items.

Minecraft Education Edition is full of elements that can be used to create recipes or as part of compound. Helium is an element that players can use for crafting and using different items.

Here are the steps to achieve it.

This feature is only available to Education Edition users as it is a special Minecraft version. This means that normal worlds can't use this feature on Java Edition or Bedrock.

Bedrock Edition players have the option to create a new world or enable education features. It will be a Creative world just like the other Education Edition worlds.

It's easy to get helium because it's in Creative. This is an element that cannot be crafted or mined. You can find it in the Creative menu, under Construction. It is represented by the symbol “He”, which is not to be confused with Hydrogen, and the number 2. You can stack it up to 64 times, so you can have tons of helium ready for your use.

In Minecraft as well as the real world, one of the main uses for Helium is to make balloons fly. This is the Minecraft Education Edition crafting recipe for a helium-filled balloon.

This is for now the only use of helium. Players can't even use it to produce a high-pitched sound, like they do with real helium. At the moment, balloons are all that Minecraft Education Edition can use to craft.