Economy Servers (Minecraft)

8th Jan, 2023

Economy Servers (Minecraft)

Money is what makes the world go around, and Minecraft's blocky world is no exception. Many Minecraft servers these days implement some sort of structured economy mechanic which allows for players to posses and spend in-game money.

These servers function in much the same way money does in real life. You can use it to buy items or land, and most importantly, you can exchange it with other players.

Some fun and innovative ideas have recently permeated the Minecraft economy server scene. These include gambling, interest bearing bank account accounts, and even wagering with other players.


Purple Prison, Minecraft's last frontier for a real prison economy, is it? The prison server has a well-balanced and controlled economy that is open to all players. It does not matter if they were born in the past or how wealthy or poor they are.

Mining is the main source of money in the servers economy. Each player has access the basic mine where they can mine blocks that they can sell to make cold hard cash. Players can also use the in-game money to upgrade their prison ranks and purchase better mines that make more money per minute.

Everyone has the opportunity to make a fortune without mining. This is possible through the heavy use of player-driven markets. Let's take player shops as an example. Every player can claim their own piece of land and start their own business. The plugins on the server can be used to promote their business to other players.

Purple Prison offers an extensive selection of casino games that can be customized to suit your needs.


Earth MC is an insane concept, to put it mildly. To model the entire planet, the server uses data points from multiple NASA space satellites.

The capitalism is also extremely competitive and cutthroat, much like the real world. Players are allowed to monopolize industries and leverage the real-estate market (plots land), and even build their own cities with people who pay their overlords to live there.

Over 700 player shops are available on the server. Realistic economic constraints like taxes and interest rates are in place by server owners to maintain economic stability and fairness for all.


Ecocitycraft is one the oldest Minecraft economy servers. The server boasts a remarkable seven-year uptime and is dedicated to providing Minecraft players with an economically driven Minecraft server that has been built from the ground up.

There are currently 5,000 active chest shops on the server, which players can access from any map. It is possible to buy it on ecocitycraft if it is possible!

Ecocitycraft has a large presence on community forums, with over 1,000,000 posts. Many of these posts relate to the server economy, as players frequently list and request items. This shows the depth and commitment of this server's financial system.


Peaceful farms is a Minecraft server that features a unique farming-based economy. The only thing that can be purchased on the server is farm-related items, as this is the main way players can make money.

This server allows players to build huge farms that they can then use to grow large quantities of crops to sell. Players can use their newly acquired wealth to purchase in-game ranks that allow them to access a variety of perks, upgrades and unique farming capabilities.

The experience of peaceful farms is enhanced by a close-knit and healthy server community. Many players have been playing on the server for many years and are still loyal to it. They return almost every day. The server feels more like a large family than anything, it must be said.


TormentMC is a newer entry than the others on this list. However, it's coming soon due to its many awesome features. It primarily aims to enhance the Minecraft survival experience through the addition of a player-based economy.

While there are many ways to make money in TormentMC you can only do one: get a job. You can apply for a job by using the in-game command “/jobs”. There are many of these jobs that can be done and advanced towards.

The best thing about TormentMC is its ability to keep an economy balanced and running smoothly by leveraging many custom plugins. This is evident in the fully-functioning auction house system, where players can instantly buy and sell items across the server.