Coco beans in Minecraft

15th Jan, 2023

Coco beans in Minecraft

Minecraft players can collect many blocks and materials, and harvest many crops in different biomes during their journey.

Cocoa beans are one of the crops that players can grow and harvest. These beans can be used for a variety of purposes that players may find useful in their Minecraft adventures. These are three facts that you may not know about cocoa beans.

Three things Minecraft players didn't know regarding cocoa beans

Cocoa pods contain cocoa beans that can be found by players. These pods can then be found on the sides and trunks of trees within a jungle biome. You can obtain the seeds using any tool.

The pod can be broken open with a tool or your hands, but axes are the most efficient. Once the cocoa pod is broken open, it will drop cocoa seeds which the player can then pick up and add into their inventory.

1) Cocoa pods are possible to be planted on any Minecraft log or jungle wood

The fastest way for players to grow cocoa beans is to use jungle wood. It may be obvious that cocoa pods can be found in the wild, on naturally occurring trees. The logs and wood do not need to be from a standing tree. The wood can be arranged in any way the players like and the cocoa pods planted.

Below are more details:

2) You can make dye from cocoa seeds. However, players can skip this step if they wish (Minecraft Bedrock Edition).

Many players may wish to dye various items brown. Cocoa pods are the best way to create brown dye in Minecraft. Players on Bedrock Edition don't have to use cocoa seeds or craft brown dye from them.

Players can substitute one cocoa seed for any recipe that calls for brown dye. These items can be dyed

Players on Minecraft Java Edition will need to still craft the brown dye using one cocoa bean at their crafting table. This will produce one dye and the player can then craft the recipe as usual. This saves time in Bedrock Edition even though each crafting recipe still requires the same amount of ingredients.

To help Minecraft players combat hunger, you can use cocoa beans

Players can control their hunger by eating cocoa beans, but these beans are more than just dying items. You can make cookies with cocoa beans and wheat. This is a detailed explanation of cookies:

These items may not be the most nutritious, but they are useful in an emergency. You can create multiple copies of these items to satisfy small hunger pangs.