Blocks that changed Minecraft forever

17th Jan, 2023

Blocks that changed Minecraft forever

Minecraft is a sandbox where everything is made from blocks. There are many different types of blocks available, but most are decorative.

Other than those blocks, Minecraft has many other features that make the game more fun and easy for players to use.

These blocks transformed Minecraft

5) Hopper

A hopper is often used in crop farms or mobs that have an automated storage system. They can grab items and deposit them on the block they are attached to. Multiple hoppers can be connected by players.

4) Shulker box

These blocks were added to Minecraft by the 1.11 Exploration update on November 14, 2016. The Shulker boxes can be used as storage blocks, with the same storage capacities as a chest (Twenty seven slots).

Items stored inside will stay in the shulker boxes even if they are broken or collected by the player. It cannot be created naturally and can only been crafted with two shulker shells or one chest.

3) Ender chest

These storage blocks are also called storage blocks. These storage blocks have the same capacity of chests, but they come with a unique feature. An ender chest is a chest that a player keeps an item in. Other players cannot open it, even if they have the same chest.

The ender chest's coolest feature is the fact that all ender boxes are connected. A player can store an item in one ender chest and access it from another ender chest.

2) Anvil

Anvils are required if the player wants to rename a tag or name an item. Anvils are required for enchantment of an item with an enchanted books. Anvils are blocks that can be used to craft items. They were added to Minecraft in the 1.4.2 update.

1) Beacon

Beacons are blocks that shine light into the sky. They are difficult to find as they cannot be crafted. One of the ingredients is Wither star. Five glass blocks and three obsidian are the other ingredients.

A beacon can be activated to provide various status effects, such as speed, resistance, haste, jump boost, regeneration, strength, and so on.