Best 1.17 seeds

19th Jan, 2023

Best 1.17 seeds

The long-awaited Minecraft 1.18 update is coming soon. The developers revealed last month that they are close to completing the update and plan to release it in a few months.

The 1.18 update is closer than ever. There are many seeds that can create amazing worlds in Minecraft 1.17. These seeds will not generate the same world as before the update. This is why now is the best time for you to give them a try.

5) Taiga village, ruined portal (Seed : -103789646238828720

Players can use this Java Edition seed to spawn next to a taiga village. Players can purchase food items such as potatoes from the chests in the village houses.

Players will find a ruined portal to the south of the village at 211 64, 174. This ruined portal has a golden apple in its chest. The chest also contains a few armor and weapons items that can be enchanted.

4) Plains and Badlands, as well as Dark forest (Seed : 29930794).

This Bedrock Edition seed creates an amazing world with incredible terrain, as shown in the image above. A small, island-like area is located at 1546, 80 and 351, surrounded by badlands. It has a biome that is both plain and dark forest, as well as a biome that is mostly flat.

3) Ice Spikes, snow village (Seed 3303180).

This one, like most seeds on the list, is also for Java Edition. This seed creates beautiful snowy villages at 28, 62 and 204.

Players will find the beautiful and cold Ice Spikes biome as they move towards the east. There is also an igloo at 156 and 73. 213.

2) Island village and ocean monument (Seed: -4186746847636013829)

This Java Edition seed is a great choice for those who love living on survival islands. This seed is able to spawn its users on an island with a village in the plains biome. Surprisingly, the ocean monument is located right next to this village.

1) Cold meets hot (Seed: -4388662201997434623)

Ice Spikes is the coldest biome in the game. The Badlands, on the other hand, is the most populated biome and has the highest concentration of gold ores. These biomes are often not seen together because of the huge temperature differences.

This Java Seed allows players to explore both hot and cold biomes simultaneously at 564, 71, and 404.