Bartering guide for Minecraft

29th Jan, 2023

Bartering guide for Minecraft

The Minecraft 1.16 update was published in June 2020. With it came a new bartering function. Bartering, which is very similar to trading in Minecraft, involves players trading gold coins for random items with their piglins.

Players can barter with a Piglin by dropping gold ingots near it, or giving the ingot by right-clicking. After inspecting the item, the piglin will drop it. Bartering can lead to many different items.

Bartering may be a more desirable feature than trading due to the rarity and utility of the items it provides.

Here is a list of all the items that a piglin could give, and how likely it is to do so.

Both Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions have the same probability of items being dropped by piglins.

Bartering can be a boon for speed runners

Speedrunning Minecraft refers to the act of finishing the game as fast as possible, by defeating an Ender Dragon. To get the dragon they must activate the end portal which requires the Eyes of Ender.

Bartering with Piglins gives players the chance to quickly acquire a large number of Ender Pearls. These Ender Pearls can be used to craft the Eyes of Ender.

They will require a lot more gold ingots. The easiest source is the gold blocks generated in bastions. Speedrunners need to be familiar with the structure of the bastion in order to collect the gold as fast as possible.