Coco beans in Minecraft

Minecraft players can collect many blocks and materials, and harvest many crops in different biomes during their journey.

Cocoa beans are one of the crops that players can grow and harvest. These beans can be used for a variety of purposes that players may find useful in their Minecraft adventures. These are three facts that you may not know about cocoa beans.

Three things Minecraft players didn’t know regarding cocoa beans

Cocoa pods contain cocoa beans that can be found by players. These pods can then be found on the sides and trunks of trees within a jungle biome. You can obtain the seeds using any tool.

The pod can be broken open with a tool or your hands, but axes are the most efficient. Once the cocoa pod is broken open, it will drop cocoa seeds which the player can then pick up and add into their inventory.

1) Cocoa pods are possible to be planted on any Minecraft log or jungle wood

The fastest way for players to grow cocoa beans is to use jungle wood. It may be obvious that cocoa pods can be found in the wild, on naturally occurring trees. The logs and wood do not need to be from a standing tree. The wood can be arranged in any way the players like and the cocoa pods planted.

Below are more details:

2) You can make dye from cocoa seeds. However, players can skip this step if they wish (Minecraft Bedrock Edition).

Many players may wish to dye various items brown. Cocoa pods are the best way to create brown dye in Minecraft. Players on Bedrock Edition don’t have to use cocoa seeds or craft brown dye from them.

Players can substitute one cocoa seed for any recipe that calls for brown dye. These items can be dyed

Players on Minecraft Java Edition will need to still craft the brown dye using one cocoa bean at their crafting table. This will produce one dye and the player can then craft the recipe as usual. This saves time in Bedrock Edition even though each crafting recipe still requires the same amount of ingredients.

To help Minecraft players combat hunger, you can use cocoa beans

Players can control their hunger by eating cocoa beans, but these beans are more than just dying items. You can make cookies with cocoa beans and wheat. This is a detailed explanation of cookies:

These items may not be the most nutritious, but they are useful in an emergency. You can create multiple copies of these items to satisfy small hunger pangs.

Blocks that changed Minecraft forever

Minecraft is a sandbox where everything is made from blocks. There are many different types of blocks available, but most are decorative.

Other than those blocks, Minecraft has many other features that make the game more fun and easy for players to use.

These blocks transformed Minecraft

5) Hopper

A hopper is often used in crop farms or mobs that have an automated storage system. They can grab items and deposit them on the block they are attached to. Multiple hoppers can be connected by players.

4) Shulker box

These blocks were added to Minecraft by the 1.11 Exploration update on November 14, 2016. The Shulker boxes can be used as storage blocks, with the same storage capacities as a chest (Twenty seven slots).

Items stored inside will stay in the shulker boxes even if they are broken or collected by the player. It cannot be created naturally and can only been crafted with two shulker shells or one chest.

3) Ender chest

These storage blocks are also called storage blocks. These storage blocks have the same capacity of chests, but they come with a unique feature. An ender chest is a chest that a player keeps an item in. Other players cannot open it, even if they have the same chest.

The ender chest’s coolest feature is the fact that all ender boxes are connected. A player can store an item in one ender chest and access it from another ender chest.

2) Anvil

Anvils are required if the player wants to rename a tag or name an item. Anvils are required for enchantment of an item with an enchanted books. Anvils are blocks that can be used to craft items. They were added to Minecraft in the 1.4.2 update.

1) Beacon

Beacons are blocks that shine light into the sky. They are difficult to find as they cannot be crafted. One of the ingredients is Wither star. Five glass blocks and three obsidian are the other ingredients.

A beacon can be activated to provide various status effects, such as speed, resistance, haste, jump boost, regeneration, strength, and so on.

How to get helium in Minecraft education ?

Minecraft Education Edition offers players a wide range of opportunities. This game is a hit with students and teachers because of its educational features. Players love the Chemistry section, which allows them to create compounds and other chemistry-related items.

Minecraft Education Edition is full of elements that can be used to create recipes or as part of compound. Helium is an element that players can use for crafting and using different items.

Here are the steps to achieve it.

This feature is only available to Education Edition users as it is a special Minecraft version. This means that normal worlds can’t use this feature on Java Edition or Bedrock.

Bedrock Edition players have the option to create a new world or enable education features. It will be a Creative world just like the other Education Edition worlds.

It’s easy to get helium because it’s in Creative. This is an element that cannot be crafted or mined. You can find it in the Creative menu, under Construction. It is represented by the symbol “He”, which is not to be confused with Hydrogen, and the number 2. You can stack it up to 64 times, so you can have tons of helium ready for your use.

In Minecraft as well as the real world, one of the main uses for Helium is to make balloons fly. This is the Minecraft Education Edition crafting recipe for a helium-filled balloon.

This is for now the only use of helium. Players can’t even use it to produce a high-pitched sound, like they do with real helium. At the moment, balloons are all that Minecraft Education Edition can use to craft.

Bartering guide for Minecraft

The Minecraft 1.16 update was published in June 2020. With it came a new bartering function. Bartering, which is very similar to trading in Minecraft, involves players trading gold coins for random items with their piglins.

Players can barter with a Piglin by dropping gold ingots near it, or giving the ingot by right-clicking. After inspecting the item, the piglin will drop it. Bartering can lead to many different items.

Bartering may be a more desirable feature than trading due to the rarity and utility of the items it provides.

Here is a list of all the items that a piglin could give, and how likely it is to do so.

Both Java and Bedrock Minecraft editions have the same probability of items being dropped by piglins.

Bartering can be a boon for speed runners

Speedrunning Minecraft refers to the act of finishing the game as fast as possible, by defeating an Ender Dragon. To get the dragon they must activate the end portal which requires the Eyes of Ender.

Bartering with Piglins gives players the chance to quickly acquire a large number of Ender Pearls. These Ender Pearls can be used to craft the Eyes of Ender.

They will require a lot more gold ingots. The easiest source is the gold blocks generated in bastions. Speedrunners need to be familiar with the structure of the bastion in order to collect the gold as fast as possible.

Best 1.17 seeds

The long-awaited Minecraft 1.18 update is coming soon. The developers revealed last month that they are close to completing the update and plan to release it in a few months.

The 1.18 update is closer than ever. There are many seeds that can create amazing worlds in Minecraft 1.17. These seeds will not generate the same world as before the update. This is why now is the best time for you to give them a try.

5) Taiga village, ruined portal (Seed : -103789646238828720

Players can use this Java Edition seed to spawn next to a taiga village. Players can purchase food items such as potatoes from the chests in the village houses.

Players will find a ruined portal to the south of the village at 211 64, 174. This ruined portal has a golden apple in its chest. The chest also contains a few armor and weapons items that can be enchanted.

4) Plains and Badlands, as well as Dark forest (Seed : 29930794).

This Bedrock Edition seed creates an amazing world with incredible terrain, as shown in the image above. A small, island-like area is located at 1546, 80 and 351, surrounded by badlands. It has a biome that is both plain and dark forest, as well as a biome that is mostly flat.

3) Ice Spikes, snow village (Seed 3303180).

This one, like most seeds on the list, is also for Java Edition. This seed creates beautiful snowy villages at 28, 62 and 204.

Players will find the beautiful and cold Ice Spikes biome as they move towards the east. There is also an igloo at 156 and 73. 213.

2) Island village and ocean monument (Seed: -4186746847636013829)

This Java Edition seed is a great choice for those who love living on survival islands. This seed is able to spawn its users on an island with a village in the plains biome. Surprisingly, the ocean monument is located right next to this village.

1) Cold meets hot (Seed: -4388662201997434623)

Ice Spikes is the coldest biome in the game. The Badlands, on the other hand, is the most populated biome and has the highest concentration of gold ores. These biomes are often not seen together because of the huge temperature differences.

This Java Seed allows players to explore both hot and cold biomes simultaneously at 564, 71, and 404.

Greatest biomes to rummage in In Minecraft 1.18

Minecraft 1.18 updates bring the much-awaited Overworld overhaul. The mountains and caves have been the same for many years with very little or no changes. Caves and Cliffs Part 2 updates the Overworld mountains and caves by adding new variations.

Minecraft 1.18 updated added sub-biomes to caves and mountains. Mojang has added six sub-mountain and two cave biomes. You can find caves as deep as Y-59, and mountains that generate up to Y 256.

The Minecraft 1.18 update has also added new biomes and tweaked the old ones. In version 1.18, players can explore biomes and live there.

5) Warm ocean

Minecraft 1.18 update focused on caves and mountains. However, there were some changes to the ocean floor. Warm oceans have some of the most beautiful coral blocks out of all ocean biomes.

Warm oceans were an excellent place to build bases underwater before the 1.17 update. These biomes can still be used by Minecraft 1.18 update players

4) Plains

Plains are one of the most popular biomes in Minecraft. Because of the large number of animals that can be found there, they are an ideal place to live. Plains are ideal for building bases because of their flat terrain.

Plain biomes allow players to find many animals such as horses, cows, pigs and sheep. This biome is recommended for beginners.

3) Meadows

Meadows is one six sub-mountain biomes that were added to Minecraft 1.18. Players will likely think of meadows initially as a mixture of plains and plateaus.

Meadow biomes are lovely, high-raised areas that are filled with many flowers. These biomes are nearly empty and only have a handful of trees. This biome is also very sparse in terms of animal mobs. You can also find meadow villagers.

2) Groves

Minecraft 1.18 update can make it difficult to live in the highest mountains biomes, such as jagged peaks, stone peaks, and frozen summits. These biomes are still available for players to explore.

Mountain explorers love to live in groves. You can find many animals in the groves, and still enjoy the mountain lifestyle thanks to the snow layers.

1) The lush caves

One of two cave biomes that were added to Minecraft 1.18 is lush caves. Lush caves are better than dripstone caves. These caves are light-filled, have food and are beautiful. You can create amazing bases in these lush caves.

Players can choose to live in a particular biome. They can also select biomes that have food resources and are suitable for building bases in Minecraft.

Reasons to play Minecraft after The end

Minecraft’s game ends when a player defeats Ender dragon, but the next chapter is just as fascinating. Many new players don’t know that Minecraft, an endless open-world game, has an end. There is an End realm in the game where players can finish it.

The End realm is home to a terrifying boss mob known as the Ender Dragon. To end the terror of the End realm, players must defeat the beast using various tactics. The following are some of the most fascinating topics that thousands of gamers and enthusiasts have discussed after defeating the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon dies, and tons of XP points are scattered on the ground. There are some amazing things that happen after the Dragon has died.

End portal to the Overworld

Once the beast has been killed, an End portal will be generated in the bedrock fountain in the middle the main island. Once you have entered this portal, the game will end and players will be respawned to the Overworld.

End portal to other End Islands

Players who stay in the End for a while will notice a floating portal made of bedrock near the island’s edge. This portal allows players to travel to other End islands or find End cities. Players can only obtain an Elytra from End Cities after they have killed Ender Dragons.

Dragon Egg

The unique Dragon Egg is spawned on top of the bedrock fountain at the main island after the Ender Dragon has been killed. This egg cannot be mined so it can be difficult to obtain. To turn the egg into an item, players will need to push it with a piston.

End credits and poem for Minecraft

Players will be amazed at the mysterious events that take place after they enter the End portal. End credits show a mysterious poem that is a conversation between two entities about players.

They discuss how the player has benefited from new intelligence and skills, as well as philosophical discussions about the player’s lives in the real world and in the game.

Many theories and speculations have been made about the meaning of the conversation and the poem. However, it is not clear what the poem actually means.

Minecraft X-Ray texture packs

No matter how established an adventurer may be, Minecraft makes it a constant to seek out ores. Some people find the pursuit of ore a tedious task after the first dozen hours.

Many people are struggling to find the riches, but Minecraft ore density guides can make it easier. The modern Minecrafter still has another trick in their arsenal. Adventurers can make all blocks, except those containing ores, transparent, which allows miners to pinpoint the exact location of every ore vein.

This is cheating on many public Minecraft servers. Java server administrators can’t usually see which texture packs are being used by users. However, administrators have tools that can help them. Administrators can see how quickly certain ores are building up for players. If you’re hopping onto a server older than a year and netting hundreds upon an hour, expect a prompt ban.

Here are the top X-ray textures for Java and Minecraft on Windows.

Xray Ultimate

Xray Ultimate is almost a decade old, uploaded to CurseForge late December 2014. This texture pack is the best for Java. Its longevity means that it can be updated from 1.8 to 1.18 at most snapshots. The texture pack can be used as-in. Optifine will enhance the illumination of ores further away.

This version is the best, surpassing all other Minecraft versions in ease-of-use, quality of texture packs, and installation. Although there are many Bedrock options (which are currently being called ‘Minecraft for Windows’) they aren’t as user-friendly.

Also, dragons are here.

Bedrock (Minecraft to Windows)

There are a few options available for Minecraft Bedrock. These can be purchased in the Minecraft Marketplace or for free. Players are looking at roughly the same problems with all X-ray textures.

Players can’t change textures in maps. Instead, players must save and quit, then change the texture to an appropriate X-ray pack and restart the server. Save and quit after locating ore locations. Then, delete the texture pack and restart the game. Although it’s complicated, it works. The texture pack will require players to go underground. It’s not easy to see what is where, as the ore clumps can be so dark it can be hard to tell which one is which due to a lack Optifine support.

One version, formerly known under the name Bedrock, came out ahead of the others. ABEL-XRAY, a reliable and free texture pack that works well with most premium Xray texture packs available on the Minecraft Marketplace, is more reliable than many of the other premium texture packs. ABEL-XRAY is written in English, although it is spelled in a Latin-American dialect.


The screenshots show that Minecraft for Windows Xray texture packs work differently to the Java version. Null blocks can cause disaster for anyone trying to use the Xray texture pack. It’s an excellent tool for assisting you in dark mines when the fickle diamonds aren’t showing up.

Economy Servers (Minecraft)

Money is what makes the world go around, and Minecraft’s blocky world is no exception. Many Minecraft servers these days implement some sort of structured economy mechanic which allows for players to posses and spend in-game money.

These servers function in much the same way money does in real life. You can use it to buy items or land, and most importantly, you can exchange it with other players.

Some fun and innovative ideas have recently permeated the Minecraft economy server scene. These include gambling, interest bearing bank account accounts, and even wagering with other players.


Purple Prison, Minecraft’s last frontier for a real prison economy, is it? The prison server has a well-balanced and controlled economy that is open to all players. It does not matter if they were born in the past or how wealthy or poor they are.

Mining is the main source of money in the servers economy. Each player has access the basic mine where they can mine blocks that they can sell to make cold hard cash. Players can also use the in-game money to upgrade their prison ranks and purchase better mines that make more money per minute.

Everyone has the opportunity to make a fortune without mining. This is possible through the heavy use of player-driven markets. Let’s take player shops as an example. Every player can claim their own piece of land and start their own business. The plugins on the server can be used to promote their business to other players.

Purple Prison offers an extensive selection of casino games that can be customized to suit your needs.


Earth MC is an insane concept, to put it mildly. To model the entire planet, the server uses data points from multiple NASA space satellites.

The capitalism is also extremely competitive and cutthroat, much like the real world. Players are allowed to monopolize industries and leverage the real-estate market (plots land), and even build their own cities with people who pay their overlords to live there.

Over 700 player shops are available on the server. Realistic economic constraints like taxes and interest rates are in place by server owners to maintain economic stability and fairness for all.


Ecocitycraft is one the oldest Minecraft economy servers. The server boasts a remarkable seven-year uptime and is dedicated to providing Minecraft players with an economically driven Minecraft server that has been built from the ground up.

There are currently 5,000 active chest shops on the server, which players can access from any map. It is possible to buy it on ecocitycraft if it is possible!

Ecocitycraft has a large presence on community forums, with over 1,000,000 posts. Many of these posts relate to the server economy, as players frequently list and request items. This shows the depth and commitment of this server’s financial system.


Peaceful farms is a Minecraft server that features a unique farming-based economy. The only thing that can be purchased on the server is farm-related items, as this is the main way players can make money.

This server allows players to build huge farms that they can then use to grow large quantities of crops to sell. Players can use their newly acquired wealth to purchase in-game ranks that allow them to access a variety of perks, upgrades and unique farming capabilities.

The experience of peaceful farms is enhanced by a close-knit and healthy server community. Many players have been playing on the server for many years and are still loyal to it. They return almost every day. The server feels more like a large family than anything, it must be said.


TormentMC is a newer entry than the others on this list. However, it’s coming soon due to its many awesome features. It primarily aims to enhance the Minecraft survival experience through the addition of a player-based economy.

While there are many ways to make money in TormentMC you can only do one: get a job. You can apply for a job by using the in-game command “/jobs”. There are many of these jobs that can be done and advanced towards.

The best thing about TormentMC is its ability to keep an economy balanced and running smoothly by leveraging many custom plugins. This is evident in the fully-functioning auction house system, where players can instantly buy and sell items across the server.

Survival tips for the chaotic Minecraft 2b2t server

2b2t is one of the most toxic and chaotic Minecraft servers. Many players have figured out the best ways to survive 2b2t’s harsh environment. This anarchy server is not for everyone.

Minecraft players cannot just join 2b2t and expect to succeed. Before a player can survive, there are many prerequisites. If you are interested in the 2b2t Anarchy server, you will be in a better position if the following advice is followed.

Survival necessities

Only the most experienced players will make it through the 2b2tspawn. These tips and tricks will assist Minecraft players who want to be a star on the 2b2t server.

It is nearly impossible to survive in 2b2t if you don’t have a hacked Minecraft server. Although this might be disappointing for some players, it is necessary for all players to have a hacked Minecraft client.

Hacked clients, such as the Impact client, will give players helpful abilities like Auto Vanish and Elytra+. Many players use X-ray mods to view the locations of all ores.

The player can now download and install a hack client to fight the 2b2t Anarchy server.

First, get out of the chaotic spawn. This should not be difficult with the Impact client’s flying skills. They will want to go into the nether.

The nether will contain a network of highways that players can use to travel further away from the spawn. The nether highway allows players to quickly move millions of blocks from the spawn, as four blocks in the nether equals one block in Overworld.

Minecraft players can decide their next action after they have left the spawn. You have two options: you can form a group with 2b2t players or you can go it alone and survive.

It is not recommended that Minecraft players build bases on 2b2t servers as they can be griefed very quickly. Instead, players should make shulker boxes and ender chests, which can be used to store large amounts of inventory that isn’t easily stolen or grieved. It is almost mandatory to have a large supply stock in 2b2t.